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Shannaghmore 2017 Day 2

On Tuesday the weather deteriorated greatly and after a breakfast of cereal and toast the groups prepared for their first activity of the day. As in the previous day one group went bouldering in very trying conditions. This group were incredibly brave battling their way up the river against the elements. The other groups rotated to take on the high rope/low rope course and a combination of archery, orienteering and adventure walking. Lunch was a healthy portion of spaghetti bolognese or cottage pie which was eaten in double quick time. After lunch there was another adventure walk activity with some interesting twists in the area of learning how to survive in the wild by making a fire and indeed one group actually managed to do it. Tea was pork chop, peas and roast potatoes followed by a delicious cup cake dessert and this brought us up to the notorious nightline activity which requires the children to be blindfolded whilst navigating a route through the forest. This was a real challenge for the group but they handled the adversity admirably. A quick bite of supper and the kids were in bed for 9.15pm. They were very tired and ready for sleep.