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Pupils should be enabled to:

Work creatively with sound by creating musical stories, pictures, patterns, conversations, accompaniments and by investigating ways of preserving the music they have created;

Sing and perform with simple instruments from memory, by ear or from notation to develop vocal and instrumental skills;

Listen and respond to their own and others’ music-making, thinking about, talking about

Instrumental tuition


Instrumental tuition is provided for children from P5-P7 by SELB Music tutors. Children are tested at the beginning of P5 in order to determine their eligibility for the tuition and then they are selected for either Brass, Woodwind or Stringed instruments. Lessons are held weekly in school. Instrumental groups are given opportunities to perform at Christmas and other special occasions in school.


Guitar tuition is available for P6 and P7 pupils. Tuition is given by Mr Noel Mc Master (Mr Mack), an experienced guitar teacher who has been coming to Tandragee Primay School for 3 years now. So far, the children have been enjoying these lessons. Lessons are held every Tuesday in the Music Room. You'd never know, there might be a few Ed Sheerans in the making!