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Day 3 Edinburgh 2019

Day 2 Edinburgh 2019

Day 1 Edinburgh 2019

Thursday28th February - Day 2 Shannaghmore

Look where Dorothy has landed! Where's Toto?
Thursday 28th February

Wednesday 27th 2019-Shannaghmore

Group going scrambling in the Mournes
Mrs Nesbitt- heart attack walking up the mountain
Shannaghmore 2019

Isla on Free Fall

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Parachute fall.

Theo on Free Fall

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Parachute fall

Free Fall

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Parachute fall.

Shannaghmore 2018

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Nightline activity

Shannaghmore 2018 Day 3

Welcome to the gallery of children's work!

Shannaghmore 2018 Day 2

Shannaghmore 2018 Day 1


Don't mess with us!
We did it!
Slide like it's snow.
I told you I'd have a shower!
Tandragee Tigers
Oh dear I think I need a shower!
I'm shattered!
Get ready to dance.
Team spirit.
The maze was easy!
Here we go!!!
It's off to work we go..
You found me!
Oh yuck!!!
On your marks........
It's cold!
I thought you'd never find me
It's nice up here!
Tag you're on!
I'm not budging!
I wonder what's for lunch?
Best friends forever!
Too cool for school.
Just hanging out together.
Where's my H/wk?
Hands up if you love school!
High everbody!
Two Sarahs are better than one!
Feeding time at the zoo!
Mum guess who cleaned up tonight?
We could go to the Olympics!
Bath time!
I've got water in my wellies!
We conquered the lake!
Happy crew.
I'm way cooler!
Circle time
We were here.
Up up and away!
Don't shake me.
Monkey business
All aboard.
Have you seen my boat?
Kayak time.
Out of my way
Fun on the water.
The next Olympic canoeing team.
Science is fun.
Pedal power!
We can make it work!
Catch Ben!
Such beautiful infra red music.
Spot the odd one out!
The team.
A little wet today!
Boy power!
Please stop raining!
Playing with the fish.
Shark tour.
Mind the piranhas boys.
Take aim and...
The three degrees.
A strike is on its way!
Hands up if you think teachers are great?
Who's winning!
Time out!
Feeding time.
Where's my breakfast?
Feeding time once again.
I love breakfast.
Look Luke I could drive this bus!
How old are you?
Cool crew.
Help I'm stuck!
How cool are we?
Deep in the jungle......
I'm faster than him!
It's hot in here!
Our mums would love one of these!
Right how am I going to get this in my suitcase.
Right wrap it mum will love it!
Who wants one of these?
Here's your present mum.
I can see you!
This is cosy!
why is this not moving?
All you can do is smile!
Ha ha! Do your H/wk!
Our Scottish friends
Anyone need a lift?
Happy birthday Ben!
What big teeth you have!
Brain power.
Girl power!
Where's my bed?
Smile if you're happy!
Joined at the hip!
The three amigos.
Who's a clever girl?
Remembrance Day 2012
Remembrance Day 2013
Ready to go.
Thumbs up.
All I want for Christmas..
That was fun!
Sorry mum, washing time
Down here!
You never know what you might find down here!
Water slide
My wellies are the greatest
Cool crew-Shannaghmore
Too cool for school -P6 Shannaghmore
Feeding time at Shannaghmore
Who's ready for a soaking-Shannaghmore
Canoeing time-Shannaghmore
We did it mum!
Time for a rest!
Playing on the lake.
Games room.
Air hockey at Shannaghmore