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Edinburgh Trip Day2

The weather was great today. An early wake up call at 7.30-7.45am had the children heading for breakfast at 8.15am. A choice of apple/orange juice, with cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast of sausage,bacon,fried egg and potato bread was wolfed down in double quick time. By 9.15am the group were on the move and heading for Edinburgh. Edinburgh was extremely busy today due to a recently docked cruise liner and we eventually picked up our guide in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. We were entertained by tales from historical times, Harry Potter and of course Greyfriar's Bobby. The guide then brought the group through Edinburgh Castle, encountering the dungeons (some temptation encountered here) and of course the one o'clock gun. This was a special treat as we were invited to bring six children into the secure firing area. A very loud bang and serious vibration!!!! 

We then headed across the spectacular Forth Road bridge to Deep Sea World. A quick journey around the aquarium on the moving walk way brought us to a scheduled talk on sharks. The group then watched the seals being fed and explored the exhibits and inevitably the pick'n'mix in the shop! A tea of burger or hot dog with beans or vegetables and chips or potatoes was polished off with swiss roll and ice cream.

There was also a special event at tea today as it was Callum's birthday. A chorus of happy birthday was followed by presents and cake. The evening activity of ten pin bowling was really enjoyed by the kids. However, it was a dark day in the history of bowling as Mr McC lost to Mrs D by 1pt! A travesty! A tragedy of Ancient Greek proportions but another great day was had by all. In bed for 10.00pm for a group of very tired kids. Good night everyone.