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Edinburgh Trip Day 3

It was another early start today with bedroom doors being knocked at 7.40am. Some tired P7s made their way to the dining area to refuel with a selection of cereals, toast and a cooked breakfast. The group boarded the bus at 9.15am and our itinerary today took us back into Edinburgh to visit Dynamic Earth in the morning and then onto Butterfly and Insect World in the afternoon. This was definitely the highlight of the day with the group getting to grips literally with hissing cockroaches, stick insects, giant millipedes, a python and of course a tarantula. The group were very brave including the teachers!!!!! I must also mention that the group were set a challenge of trying to find the notorious and nearly extinct three legged haggis. They're still looking!

Following a tea of chicken nuggets, beans and chips we headed off to the cinema at 6.45pm to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. This of course required a quick top up of treats in the from of 'pick n mix', popcorn and some sort of cold coffee ice cream drink from Starbucks. This was very popular. The film was over two hours long and very funny. A short journey back to the hotel and the group were preparing for bed at 10.00pm. Lights were out for 10.30pm. Another full but exciting day. Goodnight everyone!!!