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Shannaghmore 2018 Day 2

Another beautiful morning in Newcastle. The children awoke at 7.50am with some groups being up earlier than others! A breakfast of cereal, fruit juice and toast allowed the group to have some freetime around the grounds meeting up at 9.30am in the conference room. Today the children were placed in three groups to complete the activities of bouldering, archery, orienteering and the high/low ropes courses. The groups rotated around all the events leaving one final activity for the last day. This was the first time this year that the instructors could take groups wet bouldering due to the water temperature so we were very thankful.


Lunch comprised of spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread or cottage pie and was gratefully accepted by some very hungry children. After lunch the weather remained positive with all of the groups engaged outside and energy levels were beginning to wain. Dinner was a lovely roast ham with roast potatoes, stuffing and peas. There were many pupils up for seconds tonight!


After dinner the kids completed the nightline exercise blindfolded, up through the forest. The group were really good and completed the course extremely quickly. Some time for the odd sweet or two and we headed for a supper of toast and juice at 8.45pm. It was a special occasion tonight as we celebrated two birthdays for Finley (yesterday) and Zack M today. Happy birthday boys from all the staff!


Ready for bed at 9.30pm and lights were out at 9.45pm. Have to say I can still hear the odd whisper or two! Good night all.