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Edinburgh 2018 Day 2

6:50am – Mr H woke to complete and utter silence…if only every school trip went like this. It actually took the staff 20 minutes to wake a very sleepy looking bunch and convince them that it was actually time for breakfast.


One cooked breakfast later and with half the kids showered we hit the road with our guide Neil. Unusually Neil joined us at the hotel as he lives quite close and so we actually gained about 45 minutes more listening to his stories and facts about the sights around us. This year we even got into Holyrood Park and took in the spectacular views of Edinburgh city. The children listened really carefully to the historical tales and lapped up the more modern facts too.


Eventually we arrived at the castle and Neil led the way. We saw the Great Hall and the dungeons, grabbed a bite of lunch and lined up to wait for the one o’clock gun. It was another bright day and although it was a bit windy everyone appears to have enjoyed the experience so far.


The highlight of the day came however when we arrived at Deep Sea World. The children enjoyed several turns on the automatic walkway through the aquarium and even got to see the divers cleaning the tank. The group divided in two and took it in turn to listen to a talk about animals competing for survival. This was followed by an opportunity to touch a living starfish, corn snake, stick insect and a bearded dragon. Some of the group got to see the seals being fed and everyone made short work of the pic and mix stand in the shop. The poor shop attendant seemed resigned to the fact that the children were going to try and get away with tubs that resembled the sweetie version of Everest.


Back at the hotel the other half of the group were sent to shower and after a short period of “relaxation and reflection” we headed down for dinner.


After another lovely meal it was time to ramp up the competition at the local bowling alley. Games were closely contested and almost everyone scored a strike or two even the teachers. A little time and a few left over pennies were blown on the arcade games before we headed back to Cladhan HQ for a well-earned rest.


The good weather broke this evening and we are expecting gale force winds tomorrow. Thankfully all activities are indoors so it won’t affect our day. Spare a thought for the schools we have met on the trip so far who are due to spend a full day in Blair Drummond tomorrow!

Night all! Check in with you again in the morning on ClassDojo.