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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mr McCollam - Principal
Picture 2 Mrs MacEachern - Secretary
Picture 3 Mrs Young P1
Picture 4 Mrs Nesbitt P1
Picture 5 Mrs Donaldson P2
Picture 6 Mrs Genoe P2
Picture 7 Mrs King P3
Picture 8 Mrs Betts P4
Picture 9 Mrs Mawhinney P4
Picture 10 Mrs Frizzell P5
Picture 11 Mrs Crawford P5
Picture 12 Miss McAlpine P6
Picture 13 Mrs Balfour P6/7
Picture 14 Mr Hodgins P7

Non -Teaching Staff


Classroom Assistants
Mrs Finch
Mrs Bennett
Mrs McKelvie

Mrs Place                Statements of Special Educational Need
Mrs McKeown
Mrs Fyffe             
Mrs Hawthorne
Mrs McCallen
Mrs Reaney
Mrs MacEachern

Playground Supervisors
Mrs  Vogan              Mrs MacEachern
Mrs  Ryans              Mr  McDonald
Mrs  Topley             Mrs Hawthorne
Mrs McKelvie

Building Supervisor
 Mr McDonald
Mrs Konieczna
Mrs McKeown
Mrs Ryans
Crossing Patrol                             Canteen Staff
Mrs McKeown                               Mrs Minish      Mrs Kearns
Mrs Ryans                                    Mrs Calvin       Mrs Law