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Viking day

On Monday 2nd March the Vikings arrived at Tandragee Primary School to visit P6H. When the children arrived into the hall they could hear a rather loud snoring coming from a tent. After a few rather loud shouts from the children Njal, the Viking woke up and introduced himself to the children in old Norse. Although this may be the common tongue for many Vikings, unfortunately it was not for P6! So after a little back and forth communication a common language was found. Thank goodness!


The children started their journey in 1020 and found out exactly what their roles would have been in Viking society. They had a debate in a Viking 'Thing' to come to some very important decisions on Viking society including taxes, travel and trade battles. They learnt all about trades and marriage which resulting in Miss Harte selling the children as thralls for a large amount of 14 silver coins. 


The children got to dress up as thralls, the lowest people in Viking society and worked their way up towards a new found wealth by doing jobs and fighting in battles. The children found out about Viking clothes and got to make their own Viking underwear using straw which had to be prepared.  They got to experience jobs that took place in a longhouse, farmyard and fields including making butter and bread.

Later the children were free to move up in society and go out the opportunity to raid and find land and treasures of their own. After a long process of building a longship and crossing the sea, the children learnt how to battle and raid monasteries and learned about the story of St. Patrick.


Unfortunately after a long final battle Njal was injured and therefore a great Viking funeral took place sending Njal to Vallhalla. This was a thoroughly enjoyable day which I know P6H will remember forever. Thank you Njal for making our Viking day so memorable.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video