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Welcome to P4M/G!

Welcome to our class page!

Mrs Mawhinney and Mrs Geary share this class. We have 31 busy children with lots of work to get completed by June!

Recently we have been studying the topic of 'Change.' During this topic we have been discussing the effect change has on ‘ourselves’. We observed the change in the weather at autumn and we investigated how this can affect animals.

After half term we will begin looking at the topic of 'Celebrations.'
We will explore...

  • What the celebration of Guy Fawkes is about and how and where it is celebrated.


  • How the people of Tandragee have been affected by War and how they join with the rest of the UK to commemorate this.


  • How Harvest was celebrated in the past and how it is celebrated today.


  • How Christmas is celebrated in various countries around the world.


Keep checking our class page for more information on what we have been up to.


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